Uni-Flon 不銹鋼- 復合軟管

Uni-Flon 不銹鋼- 復合軟管

Uni-Flon SS - Composite Hose

Part Number: 6DXT135
Uni-FLON's special chemical service composite hoses are built to meet the demands of today's highly aggressive media. Superior chemical resistance is achieved with a Teflon® PTFE inner liner, reinforced with multiple plies of polyester and polypropylene films which form the composite construction.
Operating Temperature: -40ºF to +250ºF / -40ºC to +121ºC
Maximum Length: 100 feet. (10" - 80 ft.)

Uni-flon SG
S-316L Stainless Steel - Inner Helix
G-High Tensile Galvanized Carbon Steel Outer Helix
Uni-flon SS
S-316L Stainless - Inner Helix
S-316L Stainless - Outer Helix
Red Cover


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