"The airbag for acrylic acid handling"
Acrylate monomers and methacrylate monomers are used to produce many types of chemical products, but are themselves very reactive. Unwanted spontaneous polymerisation can take place with explosive rapidity, and specialised equipment is needed to prevent an auto-reaction occurring during storage or transport. The RESTAB™ system provides additional protection.

Increased safety with RESTAB™

Based on a BASF patent, RESTAB restabilises acrylates which have already started to self-polymerise in a storage container.  It complements, but does not replace, conventional safety measures. 
RESTAB™ mixes the tank contents with an inhibitor when a reaction threatens to start or has already begun.  The  RESTAB™ liquid is highly effective, and only 50 kg is needed to stablise a 100 m3 tank.  This enables it to be filled into small mobile containers which can be used and adapted as required depending on the individual process.

Components of a RESTAB™ system

A  RESTAB™ system consists of:
  • a  TEL™ telescopic lance which injects the RESTAB™ liquid (phenothiazine in a patented carrier medium).  A lance is permanently installed in each tank
  •  a mobile container of  RESTAB™ liquid
  • an RS dry-disconnect coupling to quickly connect the container to the affected tank
  • fireproof pipes or hoses fitted to the roof of the tank
  • nitrogen flasks whch contain the compressed nitrogen used to extend the telescopic lance, introduce the RESTAB™ liquid and mix it with the tank contents.

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